Forensic Linguists


  • Nigel Addinall: University of Wales, Swansea
  • Michelle Aldridge: Cardiff University
  • Joanna Atkinson: City University London


  • Martin Barry: Lecturer in Phonetics, Departmental Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PLU.K.
  • Allan Bell: Auckland University of Technology
  • Susan Berk-Seligson holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics (University of Arizona), and have taught in the Modern Languages Department (Purdue University 1983-85) and in the Hispanic Languages and Literatures Department (University of Pittsburgh 1985 to the present).
  • Sue Blackwell: BA Hons Cambridge, M.Phil. Cambridge Lecturer in English Language.
  • Victor J Boucher: Université de Montréal
  • Deborah Bradford: University of New South Wales
  • Christian Braun: Saarland University
  • Ron Butters: Professor Emeritus of English & Cultural Anthropology, Duke University; Former Chair, Department of English, Duke University; Former Chair, Linguistics Program, Duke University; Former Co-Editor, International Journal of Speech, Language, and Law; Immediate Past President, International Association of Forensic Linguists.


  • Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy: National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Carole Chaski: Institute for Linguistic Evidence, Inc / News Report: Forensic linguist studies syntax as a signature - Carole Chaski uses writing to help police solve crimes
  • Jordi Cicres: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • John Conley: University of North Carolina School of Law, Chapel Hill and University of Illinois
  • Burns Cooper: University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Janet Cotterill: Cardiff University
  • Malcolm Coulthard is best known for his work on the analysis of Spoken and Written Discourse and his An Introduction to Discourse Analysis (1977/1985) is still widely used.
  • Richard Creech: Attorney-at-Law


  • Bart DeFrancq: Ghent University
  • Isabel Gomez Diez: Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium) and Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
  • Du Jinbang: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  • Bethany K Dumas: Professor of the University of Tennessee, Editor of Language in the Judicial Process.


  • Diana Eades: Department of Second Language Studies (formerly ESL), University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
  • Erik Eriksson: Umeå University, Sweden


  • Lysbeth Ford: Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, NT Australia and MARLUK Link-Up, Darwin, NT Australia
  • Clive Forrester: University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
  • Peter French: Chairman of the International Georgia Frantzeskou: University of the Aegean, Greece Association for Forensic Phonetics, Chairman of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics


  • John Gibbons: Linguistics Department, University of Sydney, now at Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • Jane Goodman-Delahunty: University of New South Wales
  • Tim Grant: His main research area is Forensic Authorship Attribution and this is the subject of his PhD due for submission Autumn 2002.
  • Gillian Grebler: Linguistic and Cultural Forensics
  • Mel Greenlee: California Appellate Project
  • Mark Griffiths: Cardiff University
  • Stefanos Gritzalis: University of the Aegean, Greece


  • Silvia Hansen-Schirra: Saarland University
  • Sandra Harris: Dean, Postgraduate Studies Head, Department of English & Media Studies
  • Dr. Chris Heffer: His main areas of research are in the field of forensic linguistics, or the study of language in a legal context. My current focus is on the linguistic strategies judges employ when instructing juries.
  • Harry Hollien: Professor of Linguistics, Speech and Criminal Justice, University of Florida
  • Fleur van der Houwen: University of Southern California
  • Blake Stephen Howald: University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  • Amy Pi-Chan Hu: National Cheng-chi University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Robert Hubal: RTI International, North Carolina, USA


  • Alison Johnson: University of Birmingham
  • Gea de Jong: City University, London
  • Cecilia Joseph: University of Malaya and Cardiff University


  • Jeffrey Kaplan: Professor and chair, Department of Linguistics, San Diego State University
  • Susanne van der Kleij: Radboud University Nijmegen/Ministry of Justice, The Netherlands
  • Silke Kirschner: Serious Crime Analysis Section, National Crime and Operations Faculty
  • Hannes Kniffka: Bonn University
  • Johan Koolwaaij: Dutch, Telematica Instituut P.O. Box 589, 7500 AN Enschede, The Netherlands
  • Krzysztof Kredens: University of Lodz
  • Kerstin Kunz: Saarland University
  • Dennis Kurzon: University of Haifa, Israel
  • Wojciech Kwarcinski: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland


  • Nicola Langton: Cardiff University
  • Ruth Lanouette: Lawrence University, USA
  • Weiming Liu: Northwest University of Political Science & Law, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P. R. China
  • Jaume Llopiss: Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • Annelie Lotriet: University of the Free State, South Africa
  • June Luchjenbroers: University of Wales, Bangor


  • Dominic McCormack: Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, NT Australia and MARLUK Link-Up, Darwin, NT Australia
  • Willem Meijs: University of Birmingham
  • Carol Morgan
  • Luciana Romano Morilas: UNESP Araraquara, São Paulo, Brazil


  • Margaret van Naerssen: Immaculata University & University of Pennsylvania
  • Stella Neumann: Saarland University
  • Jackson Nichols: Duke University
  • Francis Nolan: Reader in Phonetics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Cambridge


  • Ogone John Obiero: Maseno University, Kenya
  • Farinde Raifu Olanrewaju: University of Wales, Bangor
  • Rhonda Oliver: Monash University and Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • Tope Omoniyi: teaching Forensic Linguistics at Roehampton University
  • Tunde Opeibi: University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Alma Ortiz: CELE-UNAM-MÉXICO Foreign Language Learning Centre – National Autonomous University of México
  • María Ángeles Orts: Universidad de Murcia
  • Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu: Universität Freiburg in Breigau, Germany


  • Viktoria Papp: Rice University, Houston TXShapero, Jess: University of Birmingham
  • Philip Harrison: doing forensic audio work at J P French Associates
  • Richard Powell: Nihon University, Tokyo


  • Judith Rochecouste: Monash University and Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • Frances Rock: Roehampton University, now at Cardiff University (Click the link to get more info.)
  • Dr Robert D. Rodman is currently engaged in research in computer speaker identification and automatic lip synchronization of spontaneously spoken speech (North Carolina State University).
  • Terry Royce: Teachers College, Columbia University (Tokyo, Japan)


  • Marta Sanchez: Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • Niels O. Schiller: Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Harvard University, William James Hall, 918, 33 Kirkland Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.
  • Jess Shapero: University of Birmingham
  • Roger W. Shuy: His service as professor of linguistics during his 30 years at Georgetown University continues through his company, Roger W. Shuy, Inc., which was incorporated in 1982.
  • Peter Smith: City University, London
  • Lawrence M. Solan holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and his scholarly works are devoted to exploring interdisciplinary issues related to language and law. He is director of the Law School's Center for the Study of Law, Language and Cognition.
  • Efstathios Stamatatos: University of the Aegean, Greece
  • Godfrey A. Steele: University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
  • Natalie Stroud: Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


  • Linda Thomas: Head of School of English & Modern Languages at Roehampton University
  • Sam Tomblin: Cardiff University
  • Peter Meijes Tiersma: Professor of Law, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.
  • M. Teresa Turell: Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


  • Maurice Varney:


  • Michael Walsh: University of Sydney, Australia
  • Amy Wang: Lancaster University
  • Cynthia Williams: University of North Carolina School of Law, Chapel Hill and University of Illinois
  • Bencie Woll: City University London


  • Liping Zhang: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

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